Simple by Akira Morikawa:Intentness


Former CEO of LINE Akira Morikawa introduces the power of simple to help us achieve goals we never thought possible. Thinking can be learned. It’s a muscle, and once we learn how to flex it, we’ll be able to meet life’s challenges and fulfill our goals.

In Simple, Morikawa applies the remarkable insights from his working experiences at SONY, HanGame Japan and LINE to help us realise the power for simple thinking we all have within us. Morikawa leads us through a series of cases, stories, and recommendations to help us create a difference experience in our lives. He shares using 100% power to do the 1% best.

A bunch of MBA Books teaches us how to write business plans, how sharing creates values, how team building brings ideas, how product differentiation lead to success and how innovation deliver new ear. But we can think like essentialism; we can put those MBA notes away! Simple shows you how.


  • Value is more important than profit.
  • What you learn from zero to one of everything from your life.
  • Creating dreams that persuade others.
  • Don’t commit casually to plans you’re not sure about.
  • The assumptions underlying MBA courses and how to redesign it.

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