#Lost & Found

Yesterday, Dulce went workout with me for an hour. It’s the first time we went by ourselves. I start trying to take her out by my own partly because her missing last time and partly because I want her to memorize the neighborhood in our area.

I remember the first time when I went to the park down the street around my neighborhood last year. Each of my neighbors has dogs in their yard, some of them are friendly, but most of them keep barking until they cannot see you in their eyes. Now I just realized that why people afraid of Dulce while walking through our yards.

To keep Dulce memorize our neighborhood, we walked few blocks and met some unfriendly dogs. I can tell even Dulce this kind of medium size Pitbull got scared. A neighbor told me dogs been rescued need some time to recovery and we just need to be passion and wait and play with them. They will get back to the one they were.

This early morning I decided to do some grocery shopping with my Jeep, and this lazy Dulce tried to jump to the car to go with me. I felt like she doesn’t want to be alone at home. So I bring her and she’s being so good when I took her outside and walk into the stores. I guess now she knows when mommy takes her out, she could not pull but just be good, listen and walk.

Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey. I’m so glad Dulce come back to us. BIG, Dulce and I are a happy family here.