Monday Things

  1. Went fishing and camping with BIG’s nephew and neice on friday night. It was such a beautiful family night.
  2. BIG wrote his first post under fishing column, you can view the article here.
  3. If you can drive, you can run an ice cream truck, right? I finally tried LA ice cream truck last Sunday with the family and the kids. I got a banana split, it is delicious but it’s too sweet to me.
  4. I did some IKEA shopping and explored at Hobby Lobby (I love that place!!! Will go every month for sure)
  5. Drink Yuzucha everyday as water because of its good in taste and nutritional benefits. The best of all: soooooooo good for the summer time.
  6. Bought 22 books from B&N online, part of them are ebooks, and I cannot wait to get the rest paper books by the UPS guy.
  7. Start planning the trips in October. (so excited for the wedding and trip with family)
  8. Still looking for the wedding chapel.
  9. BIG and I are the best team.
  10. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.