As we enjoy summer, it is important to remember our health. Even though BIG and I’s schedule may feel “relaxed", our bodies still need to have sufficient quality to sleep to remain healthy.

I remembered when I was still in Taiwan, and BIG and I were in different time zones. I always stayed up late till 2:00am and the bedtime to BIG was too late. He always put me to bed while he’s working cause he cannot stay late like me and it’s impossible to work in his life.

Until this summer, I am now live here in the States, I followed BIG’s bedtime and his work schedule. We go to bed by 9:00pm and wake around 4:30am. It’s actually hard for me at first one week since I still have jetlag, but it works for me very well, and now I have my routines everyday.

The search said more than one-third of Americans do not get enough sleep each night for a variety of reasons. As an American-to-be, with our busy schedules, it is important that we set aside enough hours to sleep. BIG and I will always establish a healthy bedtime and regular exercise to help our bodies prepare for sleep and improve insomnia. Because we wish to have balance in work and life in our future.

在台灣時候,我跟 BIG 因為有時差,我也有工作要忙,通常我上床時間都是半夜一、兩點。BIG 都會在工作時候催我上床睡覺。到了美國之後,我的作息時間也隨 BIG 調整,現在的我們九點鐘就上床,大約清晨四點半我們就起床,開始新的一天。