Monday Things

  1. I finally got my fishing license. Click here to read more.
  2. Another good news for my blog is BIG is going to join the writer here, he’s going to write a fishing diary whenever we go to the local parks. I hope he can help me manage our Facebook someday too!
  3. If you want to see the beauty of my day, please follow my Facebook or check here for #photoofotday.
  4. Dulce’s birthday is coming, I don’t know what I can give to her, maybe a birthday party full of bones with we three at the yard?
  5. Right now Dulce knows when I’m taking her leash and my Nike gloves, it’s time for her to take a walk.
  6. Got my driving license since I was 18, but last week was my first time driving in California. I’m using my International license right now and I know I’m nervous about getting a California license. (But I know I’ll pass it!)
  7. We spent overnight at Santa Ana River Lakes trying to fish the catfish, but 4 hours passed and it’s cold there
  8. And I did my nails by myself in the beautiful Monday afternoon when BIG and I were watching Grace and Frankie in the living room.
  9. I wish by August, BIG and I could finish cleaning and organize the house from moving, so that we could have some resting day– just sleep in, movies in bed, food at home and nap all day.
  10. My favorite saying from The Vow, “Love has no condition. Love me for who I am, not for you want me to be."