#20 something

Might, could, would-- they are contemptible auxiliaries.

I grabbed this book 20 Something, 20 Everything at Barnes & Noble the other day. The only reason was and I believe it’s a must-read guide for women in their twenties to create inner balance and take responsibility for their life choices, which is me at the age of twenty-seven.

I graduate after spending three and half years stressing myself out to get entrance tickets to my dual master degrees, and a few jobs under my belt. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do before I started my MBAs, but I assumed that once I got to San Diego, things would fall into place.

At twenty-four, I back to Taiwan with my Degrees. I had my own office with a big elegant desk, an assistant who answered my phone and business cards. I dated and attended green industry events. From the outside, my life looked great. I appeared successful and well on my way to having it all. There was just one problem: I was absolutely miserable.

I had spent 2 years building my career. In the third year, I changed most of my circumstances to become a personal trainer to myself. I started joining courses online, reading various books and studying presentation skills. And turns of everything I studied not only made myself more confident but helped me a lot in my business.

One year later, I established this Gung-Ho School which holds study group every last Tuesday of the month, customizes workshops related to presentation skills and reading skills. Honest to say, I feel happier to do the training than run my business. But I love both of them.

And plans always change! Last October, BIG and I had a week trip to Thailand. During the time we were very much in love, the perfect long-distance couple. In this first half year of 2016, we two fly over to each other every two months. We all felt sad everytime when needed to say good-bye, so we decided to move in together and that’s what we are now!

And YES! Every 20 something women, we are young women in a society where an unbelievable amount of attention is focused on doing and having it all.