Monday Things

  1. Got a cold after the camping with the kids. And I’ve been keep coughing for the entire week 😦
  2. Bought a Linksys wifi router for better and faster Internet at home.
  3. BIG and I had been thinking how to celebrate for Dulce’s 10th birthday since early July but reality set in again: we forgot on the 28th and feel so sorry to Dulce. Sooooo, we make up one on Saturday and gave her a BBQ chicken leg for the birthday gift.
  4. Caught some bluegills from Leg Lake last Saturday, and Dulce has some new roommates cause those bluegills become our new pets. (and I bought a SpongeBob Pineapple Home aquarium decoration for them)
  5. Signed up for my gym membership at Camp Xcel Santa Fe Springs.
  6. If you don’t know a lot about life or what you want from it, set up a mentoring relationship with someone who does– it is often the best education you can get. –Maryanne, fifty-five
  7. Hello, August 🙂