#From Me to We

We can hardly believe how fast 2016 seems to be flying by! It literally feels as if I only moved to LA a few days ago. And since I moved to BIG, we have both experienced major life changes that no piece of advice can properly prepare us for. A bunch of stuff happened in the last two months and we’re glad we got through it together and we are sure we will always find ways to the next step.

As a newlywed, this is another new chapter in my life, I will use this learning opportunity to understand and learn more about my husband. Even if BIG and I have lived together before getting married, there will always adjustments after we get married. We agreed that certain things that didn’t bother us in the beginning will start to wear on us. And yet, as BIG said, we will learn more about how to read each other and of course, we will grow together in our marriage.

Adjusting to marriage is something we should look forward to during the first year of our marriage; furthermore, we must be ready for change because marriage has more responsibilities and is completely different from dating. But our first step is… always put each other in heart and from me to we.