Monday Things

Bye summer! Hello Autume! Now I just want to skip Halloween and jump to Christmas! Cali sun makes me so tanned, and I cannot wait to wear my scarfs too! 

This week I have some challenges to do: design my new blog, read my September books, and invite BIG’s family for dinner at home. 

What else to share on Monday?

  1. Today September 5th is my first Labor Day in the USA. BIG got a day off but he didn’t rest at all. We cut the grass in our yards and he fixed our sprinkler system in the front yard. 

2. Our smelly dog Dulce finally took a bath! I always remember when I first see her at BIG’s during Christmas season last year, she was so shy and cute, until I gave her a bath, her eyes melted me and made me love her. 

3. Last Sunday, BIG’s parents invited us to the delicious goat soup place for brunch at Birrieria Chalio. Just enjoy our time and meal, can’t ask for anything else. 

  1. I know it’s never too late to do things! Gosh! Less then one month to the wedding ceremony! Thanks to my sister-in-law, after sending out all the invitation cards for my wedding, I just noticed that I can make a list for what I wish for as wedding gifts from those family and friends. (I will write another post of this soon because it’s totally different from my country)

5. I decide to start my “Carrie Kitchen" Party for my US family and friends. But actually I seldom cook in Taiwan cause it’s so convenient to grab food from the venders. People don’t want to wash dishes or so called workers usually eat outside instead of staying at home making meals. The first dinner invitation is this Friday with my family. 

6. Moving blog and changing domain is not easy. After discussed with BIG, I spent my weekend (and still invest time) on my new blog, which is the one your watching now. Please give me any feedbacks to become better one!

7. Lots of new friends asked me about my marriage life. I said I don’t feel any difference between before and after. They all not believe me and that made me confused. Another night I asked BIG the same question, what do you see the differences after we got married? I don’t think we should change? Are you going to be a crazy wife? From BIG’s confusing questions, I got the deep answer from his heart– we decided to get married just because we saw each other in the way we want to be with in the rest of our life. 

What motivates you on Monday? Share with me and you will get a good luck this week!